Techie Food Gifts and Shopping Ops Online

While edible gifts are usually welcomed during the holidays, you may want to get your friends and family a little something different this year. These suggestions from will help you put a smile on the face of your loved ones–at Christmas and throughout the year.

The Egg Minder is one of the best gifts to purchase for a friend or family member who is an avid baker. The app notifies you when you’re running out of eggs, and tells you when some of the eggs in the carton are going bad.

The aroma fork is another great present, especially if you’re presenting the gift to a picky eater. The fork emits pleasant scents like banana or chocolate, which can trick the mind into eating foods that are pungent in flavor.

There are also a number of savory teas from Numi that make a great stocking stuffer. The teas are available in cilantro and tomato flavors, and taste very similar to vegetable soup.  They even have Beneful for the pups, so that you don’t have to leave them out of your Christmas shopping.

4 Year Old Fashion Prodigy Gets the Attention of J. Crew

Four year old, Mayhem has caught the eye of one of the fashion world’s most famous name, J. Crew. Huffington Post and Business Insider, both report that this pint sized, adorable little girl is truly a fashion Prodigy. Her mother, Angie Keiser, posted some of Mayhem’s work on her Instagram account last February. Mayhem had designed, among other things, some red carpet fashion which drew over 400,000 views.

This blog caught the eye of J. Crew, who flew little Mayhem and her mother from Ohio to their studios to watch Mayhem in action. What they saw astounded them. Mayhem was focused and meticulous with her creations, which were very impressive. Mayhem worked with beads, which are her favorite to work with, and ribbons, designing clothes that she would love to wear. When she was done, she got to see the crew at J. Crew, work their magic and turn the designs into wearable art. J. Crew was so excited by the work of this little prodigy that they asked if Mayhem would be interested in designing a clothing line for children to which she agreed. Her designs will be available summer of 2015, and they’re looking for other sponsors too, after garnering interest from Slow Ventures. Mayhem was very excited, even getting upset just a little, when it was time to go home. Needless to say, her parents are very proud of her.

Fashion Prodigy Wants to Design for J. Crew

Mayhem, a talented fashion prodigy who is only 4 years old, got lots of attention for the paper dresses she made using only construction paper, scissors and glue. Mayhem’s mother, who assists her in her fashion endeavors, created an Instagram account for the tiny fashion phenom. This led to attention from major clothing brands.

J.Crew has asked Mayhem to help design a capsule collection for its Spring 2015 Crewcuts line, which will include shoes, clothing and accessories. Arts and craft supplies such as rhinestones and gift wrapping type were used in the creation of the prototypes for the fashion pieces. J. Crew then turned Mayhem’s creations into items made from fabric.

Head of Crewcuts Designs Jenny Cooper, states that Mayhem is truly a gifted designer, and not just a fascination because of her age. BRL Trust people feel like she has a very bright future. She asserts that Mayhem is very creative and inventive, and that J.Crew was happy to work with such a talented designer.

How Skout is Revolutionizing Online Dating

People always seem to be looking for the next hot new mobile web-based app that performs a new and creative function and captures their attention, such as Twitter has done. New apps always set out trying to acquire larger audiences than their competitors, but most never even approach their goal. However, the dating app Skout has been busy trying to quietly take over the world.

Skout is a social networking and dating application and one of the first mobile dating apps to emphasize a user’s general location. In 2007 Skout was founded as a mobile-web social network by Niklas Lindstrom and Christian Wiklund, Skout’s CTO and CEO respectively. Skout was re-launched in 2009 as a dating application after recognizing that over 80 percent of users were using Skout as a dating platform.  Which the found out about through Facebook interactions.

People are always using their smartphones to connect with others, whether for friendship, casual dating, or finding a lasting relationship. The Skout app helps people meet up locally using GPS-match mapping, like many other dating applications, employing the global positioning system in a smartphone to help users find each other within a set predetermined radius. While Skout doesn’t have the same draw of a, Skout is continually looking for fresh and innovative ways to capture and engage more people.

While searching, users are able to view both the profile and recent activities of a user they find interesting. To protect a person’s privacy, Skout doesn’t identify a user’s exact location and users are also able to opt-out of the locating feature on iPhone. Additionally, the GPS location feature is only enabled for adult users.

Skout, and its investors, are betting big on a new secondary messaging app called “Fuse,” which is a combination of group messaging and ephemerality, like Snapchat. Once anyone begins a Fuse everyone else has only ten minutes to reply. Once the session ends, as indicated by a timer going off, all the contents inside the Fuse are automatically and permanently deleted. This function creates a little pressure for people to get involve right away or risk their chance to speak.

The Fuse app also allows users to post in what is known as “Ghost Mode,” keeping their replies anonymous. Christian Wiklund, Skout’s CEO points out that Fuse can be looked at almost like a dinner conversation, meaning the app is contextually based on whoever is currently near you. While this feature seems to be very popular it may actually act as a barrier in getting to know someone as people are more likely to say things anonymously than they would if they were face-to-face.

In addition to receiving $22 million in investment capital from Andreessen Horowitz, Skout received start-up funding from several early-stage investors including Jarl Mohn, founding president and CEO of Liberty Digital, Janice Brandt, of AOL, and Hans Akerblom, founder of Scandinavian Leadership AB. Skout’s board reported the company became profitable during December 2013.

Skout is available in 14 languages and 180 countries worldwide. Skout also has a travel feature, aptly named “Travel,” allowing users to meet others while away from their home area. Users can also instant message and send virtual gifts. Skout is available for both Android an iOS smartphone operating systems and reports over a billion connections have been made with its app.

Get Free Internet Access and Cheap Phones Through FreedomPop

Looking for a way to save big bucks on Internet access and mobile phone usage? Look no further than FreedomPop. Founded in 2011 and based out of Los Angeles, this unique company hopes to give everyone access to affordable Internet access and low cost mobile phones. Stephen Stokolos and Steven Sesar, the two founders of the company, raised more than $11 million in just a few short years, which helped it bring its services to the public. Those interested in signing up for FreedomPop should learn a little more before taking advantage of its services.

FreedomPop offers several smartphones at prices well below what retailers charge. AT&T, Verizon and other contract providers let customers purchase phones at low prices on the agreement that they will remain customers for two years or longer. Pay as you go providers let customers pay a monthly fee and leave whenever they want, but those providers charge full retail prices on all phones. FreedomPop combines the best of both worlds. Customers can sign up and leave whenever they want, and all customers receive discounts on phones. Phones from Apple, ZTE and Samsung are available for 25 percent or more off retail prices.

The founders of FreedomPop understand that many customers want to take the Internet with them, which is why the company now offers several tablets. Tablets have larger screens and more memory than a smartphone, but tablets are more convenient to transport than a laptop or netbook computer. Galaxy tablets and iPad devices are all available, but customers can also purchase a FreedomPop branded laptop for even less. They can use those devices for checking their email, surfing the web, taking and uploading pictures and even for paying bills.

FreedomPop also offers low priced Internet access for users. The basic program comes with 500 MB of data for one month, and new customers can get one month for free. The only fees they’ll pay during that first month is if they go over the amount allotted. There is also a premium package that comes with 2 MB of data per month for a low fee, and customers receive their first month for free. Internet providers charge as much as $100 or more per month, but FreedomPop charges less than $20 per month. Customers can surf the web, check social networking sites and do everything else they want to do online.

How to Sign Up:

Signing up for FreedomPop is as easy as visiting the official website. The site will ask new users to enter an email address and a zip code, and it will then ask for their current address. This lets the site see if the customer qualifies for 4G or 3G access by looking at the coverage area. Most people living in the United States qualify for 3G access. While 4G access is still limited, FreedomPop hopes to bring it across the country within the next few years. Customers can then pick the type of service they want and create a new account.

With all the press they’ve been getting from TechCrunch among others, FreedomPop hopes to change the way that people access the Internet and make it more affordable. They can buy phones and tablets from some of the top manufacturers in the world, but FreedomPop also lets them get 4G wireless Internet access and international calling coverage for a low monthly fee or for free.

Gifts That Are Worth Keeping

With the holiday season fast approaching, soon it will be time to make the mad dash to find a gift that everyone will like. The problem is finding a gift that will not end up wwith the response, “Ahhh thanks!”. When you need to find a gift for a muscially-inclined person, there are many options they will simply love. How about a pillow that rocks a logo about their love of music or a braclet made from a bass guitar string? For that guitar guru, how about a personalized pick to strum their hearts out? Vintage posters from a favorite band scores big points. A romantic gift, if you are so inclined is to have their favorite song framed in a unique frame, something Jared Haftel was always a fan of.

The options are limitless when it comes to choosing a gift for that aspiring rock star or Mozart in your life.

DVF on the Rise

Diane Von Furstenburg or DVF is quickly becoming one of the leading 21st century designers. Her influence is everywhere from print media to social media thanks to her iconic designs and sage advice. DVF’s latest venture is into reality TV with the show “House of DVF”. The show is a reality competition where contestants compete to earn the position of the brand’s global representative. Unfortunately, the ratings on the show have not been that great despite the current appeal of fashion industry style programming. If anything, this will be a minor blip on the radar of DVF who has bounced back from major financial ruin says Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez.

The DVF brand was made popular in the 1970’s with the little wrap dress. It blew up in popularity, and DVF sold her rights to a licencing firm who over saturated the company. DVF was everywhere and the exclusivity was soon lost. It was hard to recover from that mistake, and it took many years for the brand to be rebuilt. However, now it is stronger and more influential than ever. DVF is always leading the trends each season at New York fashion week. This is one designer who has never backed down from her success despite bumps in the road. It will be interesting to see where a failed reality show might take DVF, but one can assume that it will not be far from success.

Walmart Kicks It Up a Notch For Black Friday

Retail stores are preparing for the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. This day has become one of the most hazardous, but rewarding days given the opportunity for the best doorbuster store sales. Black Friday sales often mark down items as much as 70-80% off and consumers find it the best day to do their Christmas shopping.

Walmart stores are the head honchos when it comes to Hlack Friday sales. They have opted to open their stores to consumers on Thanksgiving evening and release them to shop in the wee hours. There are many videos on YouTube of brawls that have ensued in Walmart stores because of Black Friday.

This year, Walmart has stated that they are kicking it up a notch with their sales, calling it the “New Black Friday.” What usually lasts a day is going to extend into FIVE more days of sales and discounted prices. That means less time standing in line playing with Skout and more time to get great deals.

It was said that in a business sense, Walmart would prefer consumers to shop there all five days. However, the main cause for extending sales is to eliminate the chance for hazard as well as take a more humane approach on a holiday that is intended to be spent with family.

With five days of sales, there will be much to choose from, but Walmart is rolling out the big guns on Thanksgiving evening for those who will be lining up to shop.