Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Cosmetics: Make-Up That Makes A Bold Statement

Every once in a while a product line comes around that makes people stop and take notice. These days that product line is Lime Crime cosmetics. Born of the fertile mind of entertainer and entrepreneur Doe Deere, this line of lipstick on, rouge, nail polish, and eye-shadow is definitely different. The colors are bold and bright and the products are easy to use and can stand up to hours of use without smudging or coming off. You can wear them all day and party all night and still look your best. It’s a line of cosmetics for people who want to have fun and look great doing it.

Other unique features of the Lime Crime line are its ingredients and its testing methods. All the ingredients of Lime Crime cosmetics are vegan. No animal products are used. This is certified by Jumping Bunny. Plus PETA certifies that none of the products are tested on animals. So if you are looking for a make-up line that is wonderful to wear and made using socially and environmentally responsible processes, then Lime Crime is the brand for you. The company even posts video of the production process so consumers can see exactly how the products are made.

What has really excited consumers is Lime Crime’s unique color palette. With colors like Rave, Faded, Bleached, Riot, Black Velvet, and Utopia, consumers are sure to find something that catches their eye. With liquid-to-matte velvetiness, Zodiac Glitter, liquid liners in neon colors, and nail polish in colors and designs that are sure to get you noticed, the Lime Crime line is for people who want to make a statement without uttering a word. These products refuse to blend in. Instead they let people live out loud and inspire them to take their creative self-expression to another level.

The Lime Crime line was created by Doe Deere, a Russian born former model, musician, and entertainer. This bold, creative entrepreneur started the brand with a dream and few hundred dollars. The result is a worldwide sensation that has attracted people of all ages and from all stations in life. The line isn’t for the faint of heart. These bright, brash products reflects Doe Deere’s Russian background and New York City upbringing. Doe Deere isn’t afraid to be different. In fact that’s her aim. From packaging with pink unicorns covered in glitter to her avant garde internet marketing strategy, Deere has created a make-up line for modern times.

Deere has fulfilled her dream and encourages others to do the same. People who want to make an unforgettable fashion statement have gravitated to the brand and embraced it. People using the products become living works of art that demand attention. Plus this marketing maven has cleverly used the internet to bring her product to the masses.

Cosmetics For the Generation of Selfies

With the invention of the “selfie” and the advancements in cosmetic surgeries, everyone is striving to look better than they did the day before. I, being one of those people, am always on the look out for the best of the best when it comes to cosmetics. I have tried just about everything. That’s why I wanted to give you guys the low down on what I have found to be the most successful.

When I say I have tried just about everything I mean it. I have tried over the counter makeup and I have also tried the whole sell your soul for a bottle of foundation makeup. What I have found to really work well for me is Lime Crime. I love that they are so edgy and new age. Their prices are killer as well! If you spend fifty dollars or more you get free shipping, you just can’t beat that. Now back to the fun stuff. Their lipstick and lip gloss is so amazing. They have anything from blue to a pale pink, which is perfect for me seeing how I have no specific style.

Then there is the eye shadow. They have powder, glitter, everything! It really is perfect for every age. Lime Crime also has nail polish and an entire look book that shows you all the different ways you can wear their makeup! I just love it. For those of you interested in the background of Lime Crime let me fill you in. The company was started by a lady by the name of Doe Deere. She literally started this company with just a few hundred bucks. Talk about drive and ambition! Doe now reaches out to not only the people in her home state of California but all over the world. It just goes to show you, if you have a dream, it can become a reality.

Another one of my favorite parts about Lime Crime is that they really care about their customers. When you go onto their website they have a customer care button that you can click on and it will answer any questions you might have. I personally utilize it often. Lime Crime is seriously my go to for cosmetics and I can’t wait until my next order arrives!

The Success of Organo Gold

One of the newest and hot products on the market as of currently is Organo Gold. Organo Gold is a new company that offers various products that are geared to a better and healthier way of life. Organo Gold has been rated the top multi-level marketing company in the United States. The goal of the employees of Organo Gold is to create a strong working environment. Each individual at Organo Gold has a mission to spread education on why Organo Gold should be the product to try.

Founder and CEO of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua, has explained that this company is special because all the products you a ancient and special Chinese herb called Ganoderma. Ganoderma is an ancient Chinese herb that has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. What makes this herb so special is the fact that it has never been used outside of Eastern culture.

Bernardo Chua and his Organo Gold team founded this international company in 2008 in a small coffee shop in Canada. The company was formed as a way to promote leadership and education throughout the world. As of present day, Organo Gold is actively sold in over 35 countries. There are plans to increase this number even more in the next 5 years.

What makes Organo Gold a special company is the fact that each member is apart of a team. That team is more productive than ever with the mentors that are provided to each team member. Organo Gold has a constant mission to try and improve the lives of world citizens through these healthy products. The products that are sold by Organo Gold include coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and much more. The products are unique not only because they taste delicious but also because they relax your mind and body and provide energy before continuing on with the day.

To try the Organo Gold products is to never again want to go back to buying big industry brands such as Starbucks. Not only is Organo Gold delicious but it also provides a profit to those who are strapped for cash or to those that would like a job. Anyone can join the Organo Gold team. There is absolutely no list of people who are allowed to and not allowed to join. Not only does Organo Gold display leadership and strength but also has a mission of improving the world with a sip at a time.

The Founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere

Makeup comes in a large variety of options. Knowing hat type of makeup to purchase is largely a personal choice. Colors, textures and application will largely determine the type and color of makeup one chooses. It is a billion dollar business that almost every woman will swear that she cannot live without.

The designers and manufacturers are also highly varied. A brief perusal at any cosmetics counter will attest to that. French names, Italian, and even Russian and American names adorn all sorts of colors and shapes and packaging that one can imagine. Just pronouncing some of the names is a lesson in frustration.

If one wants to really become frustrated, look at the prices. Why would anyone pay such exorbitant costs to plaster makeup all over their face? Many do though. $20, $15, $10 just for a little tube of color. Each type of makeup also promises that for these prices they will hide wrinkles, melt away years, and make one look vibrant and beautiful.

Lime Crime is one such makeup brand. Founded by Doe Deere, who is a Russian national. This line of cosmetics offers something that many makeup brands do not offer. Vision. No, they will not help you see better, by vision it is meant that these cosmetics are cutting edge and seek to serve the needs of non-traditional makeup wearers.

This line offer bright, vivid, out of the ordinary colors. These colors pop when they are applied. These are products for the lips and eyes that will get the attention of all around the wearer. Super intense colors is ho one magazine reviewer put it.

As the founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere is anything but an attention grabber. As a soft spoken, quiet, polite individual she does not command attention. She allows her products to speak for her. Hard work is what she attributes to her line’s success. She worked hard to build the brand, and her future plans are to work even harder to take makeup to a whole new level.

Doe says that her makeup is intended for a different type of makeup wearer. These individuals are young, young at heart, and girly girls. They love unicorns and pink and want the type of look that ill stand out in a crowd. That is exactly hat Lime Crime offers. It is statement makeup.

Doe Deere also runs a blog that offers beauty advice and tips. On her blog she keeps followers up to date on here Lime Crime is headed, and what new makeups are planned. The blog also goes a bit farther than makeup. Doe also talks about clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags. Everything fashion and beauty is covered in one convenient place by the person who has brought a hole new outlook to the makeup business.

If looking to make a statement with your look Lime Crime may just be the ticket. Really high impact color that goes on smooth and lasts all day long. That is Lime Crime cosmetics.

Finding The Perfect Pair of Luxury Men’s Shoes

When shopping for luxury italian shoes by paulevansny, men want to find both style and comfort. Choosing the right shoe is as important as finding the perfect fitting jean or button-down shirt. Men who understand this invest in shoes that will last them for years to come. They value quality and great style. The common men’s shoe styles just won’t do. Luxury is worth the bigger investment and they’re willing to pay the price.

Luxury shoes are an important part of every man’s closet. Whether he needs them for his every day attire or for special occasions, having them on hand is essential. Most men keep only a couple of pairs of shoes at a time, so when buying luxury, they need to choose wisely. Otherwise they’ll end up with quality shoes that only match one or two of their favorite suites and they’ll be limited to what only pairs well with a couple pairs of shoes.

Black shoes and a black suit is typical for solemn gatherings such as funerals, but these days men chose to wear more colorful wardrobes elsewhere. While black on black is a classic statement, there’s much more men can do with their suit and shoe pairings.

The best way for men to complete their luxury wardrobe with only one to two pairs of shoes is to invest in one black pair and one pair of brown shoes. This will maximize the pairing one can do with their attire. Black or gray suits will pair well with black luxury shoes and navy, tan, gray and brown suits can be paired with brown shoes of any tone.

Paul Evans is one of the few designers who understands the importance of a good pair of shoes. His designs are handcrafted from the finest Italian leather. Classic and timeless, Evans’ work is as tailored as a custom suit. The shoes evoke oak, walnut and cherry tones and are as streamline as a classic car.

For men who are looking to extend their wardrobe past the black on black default, beautifully tailored shoes will make the difference. There’s no reason to invest in high quality formal clothing and then skimp on the rest.

Look for a designer brand, like Paul Evans, that is known for its classical styles. As the saying goes “You get what you pay for.” Men who aren’t willing to pay extra for added quality and design will see a difference in the longevity of their shoes. Typically, a quality pair of shoes that sells for upwards of $300 will last for years and years to come, depending on how often they’re worn. If worn only a handful of times each year, such shoes can last as many as five to ten years when cared for properly.

Apartments Over Houses?


A few decades ago it wasn’t uncommon for young adults with a good paying job to purchase a house in their early twenties. Houses were much cheaper and the economy was booming, now finding a good priced house is harder as well as finding a high enough paying job to cover the costs of home ownership. Most people into their late thirties have stuck to renting apartments, their prices and sizes making them the most affordable and practical over the option of buying a house. Apartments can be found outside city limits or right in the middle of the action, giving people a larger spectrum on where they can choose to live, along with the rent remaining lower than a total monthly mortgage.

Apartments are the easiest to manage since the maintenance falls on the landlord, where as home owners are financially responsible for anything that goes wrong in the home. If a harsh storm hits the city and a tree knocks off some of the roof tile on a home, the owner must pay for the entire repair including the removal of the tree stump. If anything like that happens to a renter, the landlord takes care of all of it at no cost to the renter. Something as simple as a broken toilet can mean a few hundred dollars, with apartments all you have to do is call your landlord and someone will be sent over, free of cost. Apartment owners have the option of moving without needing to wait to sell their property and avoid the danger of loosing money if the market dips when they need to move.

If you’re a resident of New Jersey looking to rent, the Boraie Development LLC has just recently opened up their leasing office for a brand new high rise just a few steps from the New Brunswick train station. With 17 stories and 238 apartments for rent, the building offers studios, one bedroom, and two bedroom apartments. The Boraie Development has been playing a huge role in enhancing and reviving the City of New Brunswick. Lately their efforts have been focused on the City of Newark’s downtown district, partnering with basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal they have been able to build commercial and residential buildings all along New Jersey. The company has given residents a new city full with gorgeous rental properties, giving New Jersey an updated lifestyle.

Doe Deere Talks Makeup and Creativity

Cosmetics brand creator Doe Deere, who also goes by Xenia, was recently interviewed due to the launch of her new cosmetics line, Lime Crime. Interviewers have been somewhat hesitant to interview Deere, because she’s been getting some interesting feedback about her line–and herself.

On a positive note, several beauty bloggers have praised the Lime Crime line, and are particularly drawn to the colors in the Magic Dust eyeshadow line and the eye-catching hues from the lipsticks in Crime Lime, known as Candyfuture products. However, for all the beauty bloggers who have praised the line, there are some bloggers who have taken issue with Lime Crime, and with Doe Deere herself.

Even still, Lime Crime has several loyal customers, and there are plenty of beauty enthusiasts who are huge fans of Doe Deere’s look and personality.

One of the reasons Lime Crime products stand out is because they come in bright pink packages that are decorated with glittery unicorns. The pigments in the makeup itself is also very vivid, which is perfect for a woman who is bold and unapologetic when it comes to style. This serves as a sign that while she may be hard to figure out, but she’s definitely getting the attention of the public. The shocking makeup colors also appeal to women who are passionate and determined to be themselves in the face of social pressures and societal expectations.

When asked about the harsh comments she sometimes receives online, Doe Deere, who is quite softspoken, states that her “haters” have just been regurgitating the same things about her, which indicates that criticism toward her may not be completely warranted. There has also been speculation that Doe Deere was writing the negative comments herself in order to get more publicity, but she denies that. After all, it would be a pretty counterproductive marketing plan.

Doe made it clear that the only places to get valid information about her were her blog and Twitter account. She reiterated that she doesn’t comment on other blogs. She does, however, address the fact that she rose to prominence on the Internet, which means she understands the power of online marketing. Deere also released a YouTube video in which she addresses those who criticize her.

As they say, all publicity is good publicity. This is true in most cases, as long as the bad publicity isn’t too outlandish. Some of the online commentary left by people posing to be Doe Deere make it clear that they are impostors (some of them didn’t even spell Lime Crime correctly), so it looks like Doe Deere is here to stay.

Why Should a Company Seek to Create the Best Cosmetics?

When a company has the goal of crafting the best cosmetics, why does the company have such a goal? What good does it do for a company to try their hardest to put out the best products? Why should every company that manufactures cosmetics work hard to make sure that all that they make is good and is top quality? There are many reasons that a company might try for excellence in all that they do, and excellence is something that every company should try for – both cosmetic companies and all other companies that are out there.

Why should a company try to create the best cosmetics? Because the customers of that company deserve the best. Those that choose to buy from the company on deserve to get good, high quality products when they do that. Those that choose to purchase items from the company deserve the best care and the best products. Companies should offer great cosmetics because their customers deserve them.

Why else should a company offer great cosmetics? Companies need to offer great products if they want to receive a great review. If a company is looking to have good word spread about all that they have to offer, then that company needs to be putting out good products. A company needs to please their customers if they are hoping to have those customers tell others about all that they have to offer.

Lime Crime is a company that cares about their customers, and they are a company that seeks to create the best kinds of products. They are a company that offers cosmetics that are pleasing to those who buy from them. They are the kind of company that feels as if their customers deserve the best, the kind of company that works to give their customers the best. A company of any kind needs to be offering top quality products, and Lime Crime is one of the cosmetic companies that chooses to do that and that pleases their customers along the way. This is a company to be respected in the world of cosmetics, because they care about all that they do and offer.

Cosmetics for Your Best Appearance

Cosmetics are products used by people to cleanse or improve body appearance. They are different from drugs. Unlike drugs, cosmetics do not alter or affect the structure and functions of the body. Some of the compounds used in manufacturing cosmetics are derived from natural sources like coconut oil. Examples of cosmetics include lipsticks, lotions, deodorants, eyes and facial makeup, sprays and skin-care products. Different cosmetics are distinguished by the part of the body to be applied. They create a new dimension for people who are eager to try out a new outlook.

Improves Personality

They are cosmetics for both men and women. Cosmetics boosts people’s physical attractiveness, their social confidence and emotional stability. Scientific research has proven that cosmetics produce real and salient results for their users. Women, particularly, will need them before going out to parties and other social events. Some women have opined that the use of cosmetics has often aided them in presenting themselves well. Others adorn makeups to feel complete and confident.

Online Shopping

The cosmetic industry has become among the booming industries in the global market. The industry is characterized by an incredible variety of beauty products that exist in the market. Today, with online shopping, consumers can order various cosmetics. Today, online shopping has revolutionized how people purchase cosmetics. The sales turnover for cosmetics have skyrocketed through online purchases. This is an imperative technological advancement that has made the process of purchasing cosmetics easy and convenient.

Lime Crime

Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere. It is based in Los Angeles, California. It is an independent cosmetics company that has produced exceptional cosmetics for its clientele. It promises products that warranty good personality expression in addition to covering up imperfections. The company has a unique online gallery where customers can check for products before placing orders. They offer free shipping for orders above $50 made within United States. Customers can access full information about the company’s products at They can also contact the company’s customer support for any inquiries. The support team is made up of professionals with a vast experience in cosmetology. They offer the best cosmetics advice to all their customers.

Paul Evans Brings Luxury Men’s Footwear to the Masses

Paul Evans, a fairly new men’s footwear dealer based in New York, is showing the world that luxury men’s shoes can be had for between $300 and $500 a pair. All of their italian shoes are high end in quality, produced in Europe in the Alicante area of Spain, and have similar qualities. These consist of calfskin leather, leather lining, and leather soles in every one of their styles, which come in the colors of oxblood, burgundy and brown.

Paul Evens was formed by two men who met while attending college at the Tulane University, Benjamin Early and Evan Fript in 2012.The company style choices include cap toe oxfords called the Cagney, Brando and Grant. Then two years later they added a Stewart penny loafer, as well as a Chaplin suede type of shoes with a tassel and the Martin whole cut oxford.

Paul Evans: Not At Your Average Department Store

However, you can’t merely go to your local shoe store chain and find these fine quality shoes. Paul Evan has a special distribution chain to distribute its merchandise, as well as having their own website. Some of the places they do sell their products includes dealing with companies that have several New York based menswear brands.

Plus, they admit that there is limited inventory of some varieties, as well as limited sizes in some, but that is only because it is a young company. However, they add that business is doing very well and that they work quickly to refill their shelves with these sought after men’s shoes.

Basics about Paul Evans Shoes

One thing perspective customers need to know is that the Paul Evan line of shoes does run small when it comes to deciding what size to buy. Customers report hat they usually have to get shows that are about a half size smaller, but that they are true to size when it comes to width. Plus, with the fine stitching and beautiful colors, these shoes are very popular and have little competition, according to the brand founders. Plus, these shoes are also reported to be very comfortable and sure to become a classic style for men’s footwear.

What makes Paul Evan shoes so high quality in part is the stitching, as it’s a sign of excellent quality when a shoe is sewn instead of gluing the uppers or soles. That way your shoes can last nearly forever, not fall apart in just a few months. Plus, the calfskin leather is another sign of finely made shoe, and this can be seen in the shadow and glow of the leather and how it looks a bit differently on every shoe.

The bottom line is that if you want a luxury men’s show in the $300 to $500 range, be sure to check out Paul Evan men’s shoe line.