Online Dating A Good Option For Russian Suitors

Dating in Russia is pretty much like you would find in most places, however, there are some “rules” that are surprisingly different. In most cases, Russian men are far more romantic and chivalrous than most. When going out to eat, men are expected to pay 100 percent of the bill whether it’s the first date or not. In the United States, for instance, people on a first date will likely split the bill. Men will be polite and courteous in most cases, but only up to a point.

Russian men will bring flowers on every date. Flowers are an important part of the courtship — and roses and tulips are often the most popular choice. Russian women will often spend a lot of time and money preparing for a date. Manicures, clothing and makeup to looker her absolute best is a must; this has far more to do with upbringing than vanity. And while people in the U.S. often avoid touchy subjects like politics, religion when getting to know a person, Russians find it perfectly acceptable.

Although it is not the norm, there are far more instances of people making real love connections after a first date in Russia than there is in the U.S. The stage between dating and marriage in Russia can happen pretty quickly – and in most cases, it is not frowned upon.

Online dating is becoming more and more popular in Russia. AnastasiaDate is an international online dating service that caters to people all over the world. Founded by Russian-American couple David and Elena Besuden, the company has successfully paired men with many Russian women. The company’s online consultant Mark Brooks, says it is his goal to make Anastasia Date the premier online dating company world-wide.

The average age of browsers ranges from 35-60. Men can browse through the over 8,000 profiles of Eastern women. By 2012, AnastasiaDate had earned $110 million in revenue and website traffic had grown over 200 percent. Fees are based on a sliding scale and applicants can enjoy video chats and video share. The company launched mobile apps on Google Play and iTune in 2013.

QNet New Partnership with Manchester City Football Club

QNet and Barclays Premier League club Manchester City have announced partnership plan for a period of three years. This new deal will see QNet become the official direct selling partner of the club over this period. The press was released at Etihad Stadium alongside some players; Edin Dzeko, Jesus Navas and Stevan Jovetic. QNet was founded in 1998, and has several offices across Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.


Chief Business officer at Manchester City Tom Glick, commended the partnership saying that the philosophy of QNet to empower ordinary citizens across the world is successful. Indeed, this strategy has enhanced rapid growth of QNet which has expanded to more than 100 countries across the world. The company specializes in several varieties of lifestyle enabling products from health, education and personal care.


The deal will allow QNet to access some cash from Manchester City to use in their incentive which include rewarding loyal clients. The club is delighted to partner with QNet where both parties have excellent opportunities to work together through football activities in the whole world. It is a plan to enhance significant growth in their revenues through their excellent services and products.


QNet is excited to work in partnership with Manchester City Club since both shares a similar platform of humble beginnings and after several years of hard work success was achieved. The club focuses on helping the society through football activities while the philosophy of QNet is to empower individuals to make their lives better. The company believes that working as a team is core to success just like in football.


The company’s objective is to work with the club and continue engaging communities from different parts of the world and also improve the quality of football in Asia by offering coaching and training opportunities. Apart from Manchester City, QNet has sponsored other sports activities in the past including partnering with Marussia Formula One Team.


QNet specializes in direct sales model where products and services are moved directly to consumers through sales reps who are rewarded based on merit. Direct selling industry has founded thriving and excellent network marketing, where people and businesses work hand in hand and connect to each other. This can be done through online, phone calls or catalogue sales and is achieved through networkers referred to as Independent Representatives at QNet.


QNet strives to be transparent and legitimate it their operations regardless where the business is done. The company has enjoined all its staffs to be consistent and observe high professionalism all the time upon joining the company. They are supposed to adhere to professional code of ethics when working for QNet. The company has managed to achieve and surpass their growth targets over the years.

Viral Videos Increase Sales of Worthless Products

When someone comes up with the idea for an invention that they think could actually be something big, they work on that invention and then they put it out there to the public. When someone has an idea for an invention that is new and different, they develop that invention and see just what they can do with it. Those kinds of inventions are not always something that will truly be useful, and they are not always something that is worthwhile, but they are something that one individual feels passionate about and develops.

What happens with the invented item that no one really wants? That depends on the type of advertising that is used. One man create a product for washing pets that ended up going viral. This product was a worthless item, but it sold like crazy. This man became successful simply because he knew how to create a viral video and how to get his product out to the public. Ricardo Tosto knows that viral videos can help worthless products become something that everyone longs for, and they can be the best form of advertising for some inventors.

Lime Crime is Passionate About Makeup

Express Yourself with a Makeup Style you Love
Makeup is an excellent way to express your personal style. Lime Crime makeup will allow you to be fully creative and unique. You can enjoy a fabulous makeup that is not inhibiting in any way. Makeup has the ability to let anyone show off their true colors in a vibrant and exhilarating style that only you can pull off.

What is Lime Crime?
Lime Crime is an incredible makeup brand that began with a dream and a little cash. The founder of this company is Doe Deere. She is also the CEO of this remarkable makeup. The line of makeup includes cosmetics for the following:
Every customer will find out-of-the ordinary makeup with Lime Crime. This is an online makeup that ensures that you receive your ordered items in a timely manner. You will appreciate the free shipping in the U.S. orders with a 50 dollar or more order.

For Boys and Girls and Unicorns
Lime Crime Makeup has been created for boys girls and Unicorns too. This is makeup that gives everyone the choice to fully experiment and express themselves without fear. Makeup is for anyone who enjoys creative expression in style.

Superior Customer Service Online
You will greatly appreciate the superior service that you can get right online from the Lime Crime website. You will discover that this is a website that is user friendly and will provide all the necessary details regarding your order. There is a customer Care menu available that will answer any questions that you may have regarding the ordering process. You will appreciate the provided images that allow you to clearly view each item. You can also purchase Lime Crime products at the following stores:
*Naimie’s Beauty Center in Valley Village, CA
*Urban Outfitters – Herald Square in New York, NY

Why Choose Lime Crime?
The cosmetics that you purchase from Lime Crime will not contain any animal-derived ingredients. You will appreciate that all products are vegan-friendly. You will always have the option of having your favorite products at your fingertips.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime Cosmetics: Passion, Beauty, and Entrepreneurship

Gone are the days of making the most of what Mother Nature has given you. In recent years, the trend has taken an exciting shift and cosmetics have become more about expressing your inner personality, and giving beauty an exciting edge. Leading the way in this brilliant shift is Doe Deere and her brainchild Lime Crime Cosmetics. Intensely feminine and saturated with vivid colors, this cosmetic line commands attention in a bold and ground-breaking manner.

In a recent interview that can be seen on, Doe Deere shares that her startling line of cosmetics began with a simple eBay account and has continued to grow since its inception, despite predictions of failure from those who consider themselves to be authorities on the makeup market. These naysayers felt that presenting and selling makeup on line was not feasible because customers would prefer to sample the colors in person. Lime Crime Cosmetics response was to develop a new and better way to display their color selection. Colors were soon displayed on lips, as opposed to a lifeless piece of paper. In time, this innovative method became the norm for the industry.

The road to success has not always been a simple or easy one. Doe began her professional career in a variety of administrative positions for which she was not well suited. Once she found her passion in cosmetics, there were still obstacles to overcome, perhaps the largest in the form of a security breach, which she and her staff worked tirelessly to overcome. Through it all she has grown to become the successful entrepreneur she is today.

She has many traits that have contributed to her success. Her tireless energy and devotion to her business and the world about her has served her well. Running her business has never been a desk job. She participates in a constant barrage of meetings, keeping an active hand in all proceedings. She spends time in the lab as well as gives her attention to the production and promotion of the line. She always makes an effort to know her customers and their likes, and finds time for public speaking and encouraging and mentoring other women interested in starting their own enterprises. In the midst of all this, she finds the time to follow inspirations for new products and personally test any new products.

Her business philosophy has served her well since Lime Crime Cosmetic’s beginnings. Her firm belief in love and respect for all is reflected in her treatment of everyone she encounters. Ever the optimist, she has always trusted her instincts, and that trust has served her well.

Beneful is America’s Leading Dog Food Brand

Leading dog food brand, Beneful remains an integral component of a healthy dog’s lifestyle and is most known for offering a wide variety of pet products. Notably, the company’s philosophy of emerging food with daily life encourages pet and pet owners alike to engage in a fun and active home environment. As a prominent brand, Beneful is often presented with the opportunity to share everyday products such as dry/wet dog food to delectable dog treats to consumers across the United States. Most importantly, their pet wellness motto has greatly influenced the company’s growth and their renowned recognition as America’s leading dog food brand.

Beneful in is credited as the most delicious and nutritious pet care company. This acknowledgement is the result of carefully composed products which has led to the business’ expansion. Because their dog food is composed of wholesome ingredients like quality protein (red chicken, red beef, veal salmon, eggs), whole grains (rice), vegetables (carrots, parsley), fruit (apples), and omega fatty acids many customers enjoy incorporating their products into their pet’s healthy regimen. For example, dry dog food helps maintain strong muscle mass, a vigorous immune system, and sustain energy. Moreover, the crunchy kibble works to clean a dog’s teeth and maintain fresh breath. Wet dog food offers similar benefits although the texture is slightly different. This alternative pet food contains finely chopped visible ingredients to encourage joy in every bite and is conveniently available in a small size container. Lastly, Beneful presents “Healthy Smile and Baked Delights” dog treats in many different flavors including bacon, cheese, beef, chicken, and peanut butter. Many dogs enjoy discovering the delightful varieties, tastes, and textures of these scrumptious treats. Remarkably, Beneful’s mission is further enhanced with nourishing dog food which facilitates new levels of prosperity and balance to many pets.

Education is an important aspect of this successful company’s marketing scheme as the knowledge builds trust among their consumers. Therefore, Beneful strives to inform their patrons of their strict quality control procedures like a comprehensive tracking system. This rigorous program ensures the safety of their products in ingredient specification, sanitation, and manufacturing practices. In addition, the company includes labels on their products which display their regulation in federal and state laws, the Food and Drug Administration, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the laws which monitor the labeling and distribution of human and pet foods. Essentially, with a highly advanced tracking system and meticulous quality control standards customers are assured of the products safety. This assurance ultimately results in exceptional customer satisfaction. Beneful employees worldwide are fully committed to the physical and emotional health of pets which is confirmed in their rigorous quality and safety measures. Moreover, this popular dog food brand serves a variety of products to support the happy and healthy life of a love ones’ best buddy. In 2014, nearly 1.5 billion Beneful meals were distributed to dogs across the United States therefore customers can purchase this brand with complete confidence.

Qnet Increasing Profits

For someone who is running their own business and looking for ways to increase profits, they need to follow in the footsteps of Qnet. This company has been finding ways to boost the bottom line since its inception, and while the company is one of the newer plays in the international market, it is able to provide some of the very best services to individuals who need standard products and items. It is one of the many reasons the company is able to expand as quickly as it has over the years. So, when it comes to building a company and going after profit building, Qnet is the business to look at.

For starters, Qnet uses what is known as multi-level marketing, or MLM. While it is reference to marketing, the main purpose of this sort of sales tactic is all about driving up profits and not necessarily marketing. Essentially, every time a product the company manufactures is sold, Qnet makes profits off of it while the selling partner only receives a percentage off of it. So, when the company sells the product to a distributor, the company makes full profit off of this initial sale. Then, when the distributor makes a sale to a retail outlet somewhere in the world, the distributor only keeps a percentage of the profits while the rest is sent back to Qnet. This continues as many times as the product is sold. This way, the company can often make money off of an individual item four or five times, all while only creating one product. This makes it an especially desirable way to make money through the business.

Qnet is able to expand its outreach by selling a wide selection of home good items that are going to be used by an entire family. There are kitchen products, weight loss supplements, health items and just about anything else that might be necessary for someone. Due to this, almost every single demographic is going to need something the company produces. This way, once there is a line of trust between the consumer and Qnet, they are going to purchase a wide range of items from the company. It all just comes down to making sure the consumer likes what they are buying and from there they are able to expand upon their profit margins. It is why Qnet has proven to be so successful.

New Accessory Trends 2015

With popular stationery brands like Moleskine, Montblanc and Smythson foraying into the world of fashion accessories, it seems that the new world of fashion is literally changing shape as you read this. According to Brian Torchin, some of these trends are amazing and could last for some time while the others are going to be dead in a few months. Here are the new accessory trends of 2015 to try out –

Match Those Mismatched Earrings – Introduced by Nina Ricci, these mismatched earrings are to die for because they exude an air of carefree attitude and carefully curated effortlessness. Plus, earrings this season are bigger and bolder. So, people who are still not over the single earring craze from last season would have enough in their accessory closet.

Gladiators Are Back In Business – What used to be casual footwear is now available in formal colors and ideal for business occasions. Gladiators are bolder this season and that could only be achieved with this awesome style by making them edgier.

Flats For Every Season – With heels becoming a bit yesteryear in their innovation, fashionable flats are the new mantra. These are comfortable, exotic and absolutely luxurious. With various colors, designs and styles that appeal to everyone and anyone, flats are definitely here to stay for some time.

Other trends to watch out for are platforms that might not stay for long, the It bag that has made a comeback, and the perfect circle handbags.

How Have Bathing Suits Changed?

Swimming is a popular activity and sport that many people enjoy doing each day. Thumbtack suggests that the one thing that is pretty apparent is how much bathing suits have changed and evolved over the years. More than 100 years ago, women who wanted to go swimming almost looked as though they were wearing pajamas into the water complete with bathing cap and hat. Nowadays, women are wearing what looks like lingerie to go swimming in order to be comfortable and have greater control when in the water. It is obvious that the trends have changed and evolved with the times to accommodate the growing popularity of the swimsuit.

If you are going to be choosing a swimsuit for yourself, the whole idea is to keep things comfortable and easy for you. If you feel that a bikini is able to do this for you, by all means choose one and wear it whenever you decide to go swimming. If you would rather feel more covered up, there are tons of different styles for you to choose that can offer this type of coverage for you. There are so many styles for bathing suits that you can basically pick and choose whichever one you would like for yourself. From 100 years ago until now, the bathing suit has changed drastically and the whole point of choosing one for yourself now is based on your own interests and comfort.

Four Year Study About High Heels Leads To Suggestions For Better Stepping

Who knew that college students who were required to wear high heels would be involved in a study for that very reason? The International Journal of Clinical Practice published the research conducted by Hanseo University researchers, focusing on the effects of wearing high heels. The group selected for this study was the women who were studying at the South Korean Hanseo University.

These flight attendant students had to wear high heels to class every day. It is a requirement to prepare the students for a Korean airline career. The research spanned over each year of college, totaling four years of research. Changes could be easily tracked from year to year.

As reported in New York Times – Well, ten women were invited from each class to be tested for balance and strength. The results indicated that while those who had more experience after wearing heels for a year had a greater ankle muscle strength, wearing heels the longer period of time, spanning the full four years, caused an imbalance, leading to unstable ankles. Jee Yong-Seok, who led the study, discovered these findings.

Recently Sam Tabar, the Lawyer heard recommendations from Dr. Yong-Seok are that people wearing heels should perform heel lift and heel drop exercises, to help strengthen their ankles and slip off the shoes when sitting at a desk to allow for a better rest period. The longer the feet stay in heels, the less chance of stability.