The Nude Wedding Gown Rising in Popularity

Wedding gowns have always been about expressing purity and innocence according to Alexei Beltyukov. That is, until new trends of nude and sheer dresses have taken over. Gone are the days of long sleeves and demure necklines- today’s styles have people staring at a bride’s gown for whole new reasons.

The transparent wedding dress isn’t entirely new, in fact, see-through corset tops and sheer lace coverings have been the choice of trendsetting ladies and daring brides for nearly a decade. What has people talking about the wedding dress now is that the transparency is growing popular enough to make it mainstream and not just for the bride who wants to bare all on her wedding day.

Fashionistas would be surprised to find that even a see-through wedding dress is still charming, beautiful, and certainly appropriate as wedding attire. While this style won’t be for every bride, for those who want to be sheer on their wedding day, they have many more options than they used to. for modern brides, skin is in- and even with a wedding gown, the look is growing in popularity.

Finding Rentals or Other Properties in New York City

New York City is a wonderful place to live. It is full of attractions, work opportunities, parks and numerous other things that make the location outstanding. When you are looking for an apartment, house or business location the best place to start is with a good real estate agent. This kind of agent is available at Town Real Estate and will be able to assist you in your search.

In a large city, such as New York, people are constantly moving. However, many of these offerings are not advertised so it is important to contact a knowledgeable company to locate a property that will fit your particular requirements.

In addition to renting or buying there is sometimes an opportunity to sublet an apartment, house or room. One subletting that is especially popular is two and three bedroom cottage-style homes. These homes may feature a patio or balcony, dishwasher, ceiling fan and other amenities. Many sublet apartment units have swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms and other services that provide a pleasant living style.

A TOWN Real Estate Agent will confer with you regarding your location requirements, budget, size of property desired and so forth. When this information is accumulated, he or she will be able to show you a number of properties that will fit your requirements.

Whether looking for a place to live or a place for your business, having an experienced and friendly person to show you what is available is a great advantage. For example, if needed, the agent will be able to help you find an apartment or house that provides for handicapped persons, children and pets.

If you are interested in purchasing NYC real estate,TOWN Real Estate Agents can recommend trusted lenders and help you understand things such as taxes, insurance, maintenance and so forth. This is invaluable information that will help any transaction go smoothly for the buyer.

The Excellence of the Dorchester Collection

Many of the most popular and sought after cities in both the United States and Europe have a common attraction. The Dorchester Collection is a hotel management company consisting of the most eloquent hotels these cities have to offer. Regardless if your trip pertains to business or pleasure, you are provided more luxury and prestige than is often imagined. The state of the art hotels under our management and care take style, class, and comfort to a entirely new level. The standards that we have developed and set in place far exceed any expectations.

Our hotels are able to accommodate any business or social meetings and events. If you plan to host a group of friends, colleagues, or employees anywhere from northern Europe to the west coast of the United States, we have provided an atmosphere that will dazzle any guest. Each staff at everyone of our hotels will provide services that will match the eloquence of the surroundings. Every member of your party is treated and respected as a guest of honor, with excellent service being the only available option.

Many of the most memorable and breath taking weddings ever planned take place at our hotels. Regardless if the rest of your life together begins in front of only close friends and family, or if your wedding party will consist of hundreds of people you haven’t even met, our hotels will provide a venue that will never be forgotten. Every couple who celebrates their wedding with us is considered family. This allows us to create passion and purpose to accompany every wedding that we are a part of.

When trips are made to the incredible cities that our hotels are located in, time spent relaxing at the hotel should be kept at a minimum. However, each moment at one of our hotels should be part of memories that last a lifetime.

UFC Reebok Sponsorship Details Revealed

MMA fighters have been complaining for several years about the pay structure of the UFC. The president of the company is constantly battling against negative media criticism regarding the salaries of the UFC’s fighters. Recently, Reebok became the number one sponsor of the UFC, and this has caused a major uproar in the fighting community reported Brad Reifler.

The UFC no longer allows fighters to wear any other brand of clothing besides reebok. Fighters such as Brandon Schaub are somewhat angered about the new sponsorship deal. Some fighters were making a lot of money wearing other brands of sponsorship. Now, Reebok owns the fighters and the UFC clothing store.

The Reebok deal is not completely terrible though. The pay structure for Reebok is a bit different than most people would imagine it to be. Reebok will be paying veteran fighters and UFC champions the most amount of money. A fighter with 20 or more octagon battles will be making $40,000 in sponsorship money. UFC champions will be making $50,000 in sponsorship money. However, like I said before, some fighters were making a lot more money than even the Reebok sponsorships will pay them. Yahoo! Sports features the entire pay structure breakdown of the Reebok sponsorship deal.

The Moral Fabric of Pakistan’s Fashion Week

Pakistan Fashion industry, which is only in its developing stages, sure knows how to continue with business even in the face of political instability. Organizers of the Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week had considered postponement, since a political rally was set to take place around the same time in the city but as they say, the show must go on.

It was a risk to hold such an event during this time, considering the guests that were set to attend. They included political dignitaries, foreign media and other affluent citizens of Pakistan. The preparations had already been made anyway and some very good designers were set to feature their designs on the runway.

According to the Fashion Pakistan Council, risky times are not uncommon in Karachi and it would not force them to change their plans. Furthermore, the event had been planned in such a way that it would coincide with the onset of spring in Pakistan. The designs to be showcased were to follow summer and spring trends. It could be interesting to add a dog fashion-show, that could be sponsored by Purina Beneful, to warm people’s hearts.

The security had been heightened and the foreign media, who had been invited, had been informed of the situation before hand. Some of them even opted not to turn up. A certain group of documentary-makers came but insisted on keeping a low profile. They requested to be mentioned only when they had already left. Despite all that, the fashion event still took place as had been planned.

Plus Size Clothes Equals Plus Size Profits

Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but bigger profits are always attractive to business owners. Clothing retailers are starting to increase their inventory, and profits, by offering clothing options for women of all sizes. Many women would claim it this shift is coming much too lat, but is still appreciated.

Sultan Alhokair says women come in all shapes and sizes and fashion retailers are finally catching up to that fact. In a recent survey it was revealed a business who offered women’s clothing sizes 16 and up and saw a big increase in revenue.

There is a long standing trend in the fashion world, thin is in. However, the average size for a woman in America is a 14. This statistic goes to show how out-of-touch the fashion industry is with the culture.

Building a bridge to close this gap will provide women all over the country options for fashionable clothing without having to worry if they can find a store with their size. It’s great for customer morale, and even better for the business’s bank account.

Why Not To Buy Breastmilk Online

It is scientific fact that breast is best for a newborn however it isn’t always possible for a new mother to breast feed her infant. In the case of adopted children, babies that have issues with latching, and multiple other scenarios, women are unable to provide their own breast milk for their child but may still want the scientifically superior breast milk. Gianfrancesco Genoso told us that when looking for breast milk, it may seem obvious to look on the internet where you can buy almost anything these days. According to this article from the New York Times, it isn’t always the most safe decision to buy you breast milk over the internet.

Human breast milk contains antibodies that help a newborn fight off disease and build immunity however when you buy breast milk online, you are never sure if you’re getting breast milk or a different type of milk. Because breast milk is so coveted, some women will try to pass off cows milk as their own milk and sell it to mothers as such. This can be very dangerous for a new baby who does not yet have the ability to digest cows milk. While this is illegal, it is difficult to prove that this has happened or to ensure that it doesn’t happen. The only way to make sure that you don’t buy cows milk in place of breast milk would be to have it tested every time however this isn’t always realistic or even possible. For this reason, it may be safest to only buy breast milk from certified centers penalizing in milk donation. It may cost you a bit extra however it is worth the extra money to ensure that your child isn’t receiving cows milk. Read more about this intresting fact here.

France Bans Super Skinny Fashion Models

The United States is not the only country that wastes taxpayer’s money passing laws that don’t need passing. Sure, the fashion industry is a worth billions of euros to the French government, but does the country really need to police modeling agencies and fashion houses for wanting models to look like they have always looked? Well, the answer is, hell yes they do. Fashion houses have been touching up photos of models for years and this new law requires those agencies to tell the public about their deceptive methods of operation.

Alexei Beltyukov said that the law also states that if a model’s body mass index is lower than the level proposed by the ministers of health and labor they are banned from modeling. Ouch! Twiggy would have a hard time on the runways in France these days, but the law states that a model who stands 5 feet 7 inches cannot weigh under 121 pounds.

France is trying to regulate an industry that has little regulations. Even though the fashion industry influences millions of people around the world, there are few limits put on their behavior. One reason is the entitled air that surrounds the industry. People believe the industry plays by the rules, but in reality fashionistas make their own set of rules.

Visual Search Technology for Today’s Fashionista World

This can happen a lot in a person’s life. How many times have you been walking down the street and you will notice what someone is wearing and you might ask yourself, I wonder where that person bought that item of clothing. If I only knew, then I could buy one myself. It’s too bad that there wasn’t some kind of a device or technology that could help you find out where you too could obtain that same item of clothing. Well fret no more. That technology is here today. It is called visual search technology, and it’s helping out everyday people just like you find the things that you are looking for.

There is an online ccmpany called that is designed to help you in your Visual Search Providing Needs. Leading retail brands are integrated in such a way as to provide the shopper with a convenient way to find the things that they see around them everyday at retail stores or outlets. Instead of visiting endless. different stores to find the thing that you saw that you now want to buy you can instead use Slyce to find the item that you are looking for. What an everyday stress reliever. To be able to find the things that you want just by using your smart phone.

Here’s how the Slyce Visual Search Experience works. You see something that you want to buy. You take a picture of it with your smart phone, and send it off to Slyce and Slyce will send you back some information on where and how you can obtain the item that you want to buy. At one time people would have to type in some kind of explanation as to what they wanted to buy. This was not always good enough for the person to be directed in the right direction. The company that you were working with would take your written description of what you wanted to buy and then translate that into an item for you to view. This could lead to frustration on the part of the consumer looking to buy the specific product that they might have seen earlier that day, not something vaguely similar. Many times the frustration would lead the consumer to have to go out shopping, visiting various stores until you finally hit the jackpot and found the item that you have now spent all morning shopping for. What a hassle it used to be!

As with many things in this modern electronic age that we now find ourselves living in, new ideas on the internet are popping up all of the time. Slyce is a company that will prove itself useful to many people in the coming years. It is just one more example of how the internet has now simplified all of our lives in so many ways. So take advantage of the convenience of Slyce. The internet address for this company is and you will find that it can only simplify your life.

Men’s Style is Alive and Blooming This Spring (featuring model Matt Landis)

matt landis yellow tee

Matt Landis does a splendid job of showing off his sultry looks and distinct style. Ready for anything in a smoky jacket that boasts sleek lines and a simple style. Good for the office and transitions well for an evening on the town or a night dancing with friends. Topped off with a simple throw back shirt this jacket ensemble makes the perfect addition to any man’s closet.

matt landis models
The shirt is also perfect to be worn alone for a more casual look. This would be perfect with a pair of relaxed jeans, and also works excellent with dress slacks. The style allows for wear in all situations from office to a day relaxing on the beach. Just in time for spring the festive colors will be a hit at family get togethers for Easter. 
matt landis yellow tee
If button up and semi formal is not what is sought out, then why not go with the classic tee? T-shirts have always been the perfect match for almost any attire. While in the office may not dictate wearing a t-shirt, almost everywhere else will be a perfect time for relaxing in soft cotton that gently rests against the frame.Mr Landis shows us how the t-shirt can be perfect for looking great and being relaxed. Seen in a woodsy setting, he fits in perfectly in his screen printed tee. Styles of art on the t can be gotten in a wide variety of prints, one will see how the t-shirt goes great in a rustic setting, on the town, or on a night out with friends.

This spring fashion line also boasts many different styles for the laid back and relaxed look. No exception is the styles worn by Matt Landis. Dressed in a pair of comfortable brown shorts with a grey sweater, he is the epitome of relaxation. 

matt landis smokey jacket

Nothing says laid back more than the sharp stylings of well designed and cut shorts. Made to fit the male frame perfectly to not only accentuate style but also offering enough room to be comfortable no matter what one is doing. Whether throwing a ball on the beach, walking the dog,or simply stretching out and getting some much needed down time, these shorts are perfect for all leisure times.

For those cool evenings on the beach or at a family barbeque the grey sweater is sure to keep that slight cool spring air from becoming chilly.The fashion line for this spring also offers a number of different shoe choices as well. 

Mr. Landis can be seen sporting a creamsicle colored pair of boat shoes that truly tops off his look. This spring is sure to offer many pleasant fashion surprises that any man would love to have in his wardrobe. Functional and stylish, the Spring fashion line offers both looks that will fit in at the office as well as looks that are great for relaxing.