The Good and Bad of Kyle Bass

Anyone who has endeavors in the world of business needs to know exactly where and how they stand in the field, for a variety of reason. Kyle Bass, a hedge fund manager, is a prominent example of all of this.

Kyle Bass was born September 7, 1969 to his parents, while they made their life in Miami. For the majority of his youth he stayed in Florida while his father work at an upscale hotel on Miami Beach. After completing high school, Bass left Florida and move to Dallas, Texas and then chose to attend college at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. He graduated in 1992 after having earned his degree in business administration in finance and real estate finance. After his graduation from college, Prudential Securities was the first job that he took on but he stayed there for only a temporary period. After this he took a job at a Bear Stearns office and from there, became a managing director at the Dallas branch of the Legg Mason company.

Kyle Bass‘ most important achievement comes from being the principal manager of Hayman Capital Management, LP, a hedge fund company also situated in Dallas that serves as a special situations fund around the world. Bass had founded the group in 2006 and was able to get it started by raising around $33 million from people he knew, and also adding in some of his own saved up money. While at Hayman, Bass was responsible for several important moves, one of the important ones was in the form of studying the mortgage market heavily and using that knowledge to earn a residential mortgage backed security (RMBS). After gaining this knowledge, Bass chose to buy several of these and had managed as much as $4 billion in RMBS and was also able to start making a fortune by betting against these moves and saving the company some money.

Even though Hayman has been a success, Bass’ career as a whole has not been absolutely perfect. One major controversy Bass was involved with was having unending support for president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina. Kirchner has the dubious honor of being the one who allowed her country to default on its sovereign debt twice in a thirteen year span. So many analysts and critics have called her irresponsible and only leading to more future economic struggles, yet Bass has continued to do nothing but have support for her at every chance he could get. Bass has also been the one to throw a New York judge under the bus for deciding that Kirchner needed to pay back creditors for money that they felt needed to be returned to them.

Adapt Your Advertising To The Brazilian Market

In order to establish a relationship with advertisers in Brazil, you must first find then consult with a marketing professional. If you’re unsure of how to tackle the Brazilian business market, provide your consultant with as much information as possible regarding your services or products and what methods you wish to use to reach your target audience. The consultant will then supply you with the require information in order to get you started.

You must then create a new advertising campaign. This is especially important if you want your product or services to be noticed because a great campaign can take you very far. After creating a decent advertising campaign, the consultant you’ve chosen will then pass on your campaign to various advertising agencies throughout Brazil, who will prepare multiple proposals for you to choose from.

Before creating your campaign, know your market. You’ll want to adapt your campaign that appeals to the Brazilian market. Not all advertising is universally accepted and you will need to know who you’re marketing towards and go from there. If, in the past, you’ve created successful advertising campaigns and would like to adapt that same campaign to the Brazilian market, your consultant will transfer it to either an advertising agency or a freelancer who can then explain to you how you can successfully adapt your campaign to fit the needs of your audience.

We highly suggest the services of Claudio Loureiro, who is the CEO of Heads Advertisement. The company is located in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil and specializes in both marketing and advertising for their clients. As founding partner of Heads Propaganda, Loureiro manages the country’s third largest capital agency. In addition to being a part of the advertising industry, he invests in numerous projects with CEOs of some of the nation’s largest companies. In 2014, in order to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Heads Propaganda, he invited the former general secretary of the United Nations and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Kofi Annan. Loureiro’s projects in advertising include marketing director services for the TMO Institute, a charitable non-profit that supports bone marrow transplant centers throughout Brazil. Another of his projects that he has advertised on behalf of is for the Networks Tide project. Tide Networks mobilizes a variety of social actors who all have one goal in mind: to establish relationships and partnerships to promote structural changes that houses more than 140,000 people. If you’re ever looking for advertising, he’s someone you’ll want in your corner.

As you have probably guessed, conducting business with a country that has a very different culture than what you’re used to will often require a change in how you advertise your products or services. However, when you have the right partners and consultants, it’s rather easy to adapt to whatever culture you’re looking to sell to with a great deal of success.

Yeonmi Park Tells Her Story on Escaping North Korea

One of the hardest things for an individual to do is to institute widespread change. People are set in their ways when it comes to their life according to the status quo. Many don’t understand why things have to change, and in many cases, people don’t want their way of life to be altered. So lives go on unaware of the improvements that can occur.

It’s true what they say: change is good, especially when it comes to the intricacies of human rights. Across the globe, many different cultures and people are undergoing harsh treatment. Even though their plight is adequately covered and reported, still injustices continue to happen on the world’s stage. Although many people take steps to try to change these conditions, they still exist.

A wise man once said that we would have the poor with us always. But just because we do have the poor and disenfranchised, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to do something about it as individuals and as a collective society. There are individuals who have experienced first-hand the brutalities of living in an unjust society and have taken it upon themselves to inform others of these social wrongs.

Yeonmi Park’s story on youtube is a remarkable tale of hardship, endurance and survival. When she was young, she lived with her parents and her sister in North Korea. Her father worked as an official in the government’s Workers Party. Her mother held a position as a nurse in the North Korean army. Their entire way of life was uprooted when her father was accused of smuggling and sent to prison.

According to Yeonmi Park, her father had been smuggling not to make extra money, but merely to buy food for his family. For this crime, he was sentenced to hard labor. During his prison time, he became extremely ill, and was released by the prison. When he was released, he began to plan his family’s escape out of North Korea.

Park and her family was able to sneak out of North Korea into China. But when they reach China, their experience became infinitely worse. They suffered many trials while being smuggled by Chinese smugglers, including the rape of her mother. Undaunted by this horrific experience, the family continued, eventually reaching Mongolia, where they were assisted by South Korean diplomats and given safe passage to South Korea.

Now, Park speaks to various groups and organizations around the world, telling her amazing story. She has recently printed a book with Penguin press, due to be released shortly.

Through consistent effort and civilized protest, even the most staunch organizations and governments can be forced to consider a new path, despite years of misery and oppression. Park story is giving people a bird’s eye view of the heavy oppression in North Korea and rallying a call for change in the country.

TOWN Residential Leads New York City Real Estate Domestically and Internationally

Chinese buyers are beginning to recognize the worth of New York City residential real estate, stated experts at the inaugural U.S. Real Estate Showcase & Forum in Shanghai, China. While these buyers may focus more on price, they are contributing to the demand for NYC real estate. As originally reported by The Real Deal, as New York City has become cleaner and safer, the desire domestically and internally to own property in The Big Apple has increased. Although international buyers face some difficulty in obtaining financing, they often come with cash in hand and are afforded the same protections as their U.S. counterparts through the Real Estate Board of New York and the New York Attorney General’s Office.

TOWN Residential, the leading luxury real estate firm in New York City, has seen first-hand the increased interest in New York real estate by Chinese and other international buyers. TOWN was founded in 2010 by CEO Andrew Heiberger, and is comprised of seasoned market leaders. The firm specializes in luxury real estate, and provides an elite level of expertise and experience. TOWN pairs its expertise with tailored outreach and marketing to best serve its clients in this hot market. TOWN New Development and TOWN Marketing and Leasing work with the residential arm of the firm to provide for a full service real estate and development experience. The firm’s breadth reaches across all of New York, but it focuses on neighborhoods such as TriBeCa, SoHo, Grammercy Park, and Hell’s Kitchen.

Christian Broda Believes The US Will Dominate As Global Economies Struggle

The economy of the world has been in a state of flux ever since the economic slowdown of 2008 caused chaos to the world and forced the experts in finances to take a look at what they think the future holds. Since 2008 some of the major economies have been shown to have major issues with how they conduct their business and how small changes to their financial system can cause big issues. Perhaps the two biggest economies to see issues have been the Eurozone and China, which many experts had previously discussed as being the new leaders of the global economy.

Christian Broda, Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management has spoken out against the need to seek out a global currency that can replace the US Dollar as the currency of global trading. Instead, the tenured professor from the University of Chicago believes the US Dollar still has enough power to remain in place for the forseeable future as the dominant currency in the world. Broda, who studioed economics in Argentina before heading to the US believes there is no other currency currently capable or prepared to take the place of the doallar as the global currency of trade. As an expert in economiocs and a hedge fund manager, Broda believes he has a unique perspective that allows him to examine the global economy from both a practical and theoretical level.

Many financial experts have been calling for the creation of a global currency to take the place of the dollar as that usedf or the majority of trading options. The currency that has been mentioned for many years has been the Euro, but the latest issues with the Euro being affected by the problems in Greece have limited the chances of this becoming the major currency of the world. The problems in Greece highlight the issues that can occur when a currency covers a large number of different countries, which the Euro does and has been affected by the collapse of the Greek economy.

In his work with Duquense Capital and his academic position with the University of Chicago, Christian Broda has seen the problems and advantages being caused by the US Dollar remaining the top option for world trading. Broda agrees the US has created levels of government based debt, which are far too high and cannot be sustained in the long term. However, he also believes the Dollar offers a good chance for investors to secure the trades they have made for the future. A sense of security that has built up over the decades the Dollar has been the currency of global trading means it will be difficult for any other existing or created currency to take its place in the future.

Colorful Cosmetics

Wild makeup colors are enjoying a moment in the mainstream. While expertly applied “no makeup” natural looks will always be the go-to for most women, it is becoming more acceptable to unabashedly flaunt bright shades on a daily basis.

Some fashion experts attribute the emergence of odd cosmetics to Chanel’s Pariculiere, a nail polish shade that is virtually impossible to describe adequately. It is a soft, cool-toned brown that morphs into a gray-tinged purple upon closer inspection. It is perhaps the most perfect neutral tone ever, a brown that may not actually be brown. It looks casual and natural, with the exciting purple edge that complements every skin tone. The gray comes out more on skin with cool undertones, and the pinker tones of the purple show up on warm skin.

When Chanel developed this color in 2010, the brand knew it had a sensation on its hands. It was the star of its fashion campaigns, and models wore it on the runway. It was the rare couture item to resonate with the public; the nail polish promptly sold out. Everyone who loves makeup knows the pain of finding out that her favorite product has been discontinued. This is part of the fun of being invested in makeup: the quest for the perfect product never really ends. Particuliere is now a mainstay on cosmetic counters and is one of the newest additions to the pantheon of classic products. For women who do not typically shop for high-end products, Particuliere is one of the handful of designer products they will splurge on.

This one nail polish may seem like an unlikely product to have sparked an interest in strange makeup, but this is the product that convinced the big brands to take risks with color. It also caused indie brands to become more prominent. Lime Crime, founded by Doe Deere, is one of the most famous and beloved small makeup companies. The Velvetines, lipsticks that apply in liquid form and dry to a matte finish, are the brand’s signature products. Women love the adorable pastel shades and the completely opaque coverage. The brand by Doe Deere on observer has a very specific identity that resonates with its customer base. When women buy from Lime Crime, it is because they know that the cosmetics are made just for people like them.

Another indie brand with a signature product is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, or OCC for short. OCC is renowned for its lip tars, which cover the lips in thick, rich pigment. The latest bold brand to rise to prominence is ColourPop. Its lippy sticks and eye shadows are formulated to bind pigment to the skin. These small companies are appealing for how curated their offerings are. ColourPop and Lime Crime only make and sell the fun, colorful products that they excel at developing. They do not produce products for the sake of offering a seemingly complete collection. People love that they can look to these brands for something colorful and fun.

Experimenting with some of these brands is a great way to spice up one’s makeup routine. Try picking something from a designer cosmetic counter, or scour the Internet for makeup junkies’ favorite new brands. Either way, adventurous shoppers are bound to find new products to fall in love with.

Reusing And Recycling For The Planet

Longtime Brazilian company Eucatex has concentrated on the needs of furniture manufacturers by making industrial resources for packaging and construction needs. Additionally they plunged into the outside market by producing convenient modular partitions which are often used in place of traditional wall construction inside of buildings while manufacturing doors and laminate floors since 1954. Obviously this company’s staying power has been credited due its sturdy products which last for years but while doing so they haven’t neglected to be responsible in protecting the environment on the way to their success.

Eucatex realized even in the company’s early days that our environment must remain clean to protect animals, humans and plants from contaminants that harm, resulting in nature to ultimately die off forever. Ensuring that the environment remains clean will prevent disease since plants naturally create oxygen, attracting gases that are acidic in nature from plants and also can reduce the quantity of green-house gases (GHG) that produces radiation.

Even while Eucatex grew, they focused on not destroying the forests while their success led them to gradually branch in three primary facilities Salto, Brazil used to produce their plates, paints and varnish products for application on materials like metal and wood ensuring a shiny and hard surface. From the very first wooden boards they created in 1954, Eucatex focused on designs made from the elements of eucalyptus wood, which derives from properly managed plantations responsible for this fast renewable reserve.

In addition to their groundbreaking way of producing their creations, Eucatex has used innovative management to be sure they use efficiency at all times. For more than 30 years Flavio Maluf has been the company’s president and he has done an unbelieveable job in this role. With his background in mechanical engineering, he comprehends being in compliance with international environmental guidelines in accordance with manufacturing, design and its packaging. In addition to Maluf knowing how to run a smooth company that is environmentally preferable, this gentleman is also an established lawyer and entrepreneur, having graduated from the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) in Brazil.

Facebook says that because we all are concerned with keeping our world safe, green companies such as the highly successful Eucatex naturally lures more customers and along with it, the value of their stocks tend to rise. Since its start, they planted and nurtured the forests full of eucalyptus, benefitting customers, investors and the planet!

Purina PetCare Stays on Top with Quality Control

There are a plethora of different pet food brands on the market today. It is pertinent to have access to the right pet food because my pets don’t eat just anything that is out there. To the contrary, my pets have refined taste. They like quality pet food and Purina news has been the company that has continuously made good food that my pets enjoy.

Over the years I have seen Purina PetCare expand the brand and reach out to consumers with different animals. There is food for dogs, cats and even rabbits that have been branded by Purina. The company has been able to diversify but the brand still keeps a quality control measures in place. This is really important for those consumers that have depended on the brand to provide such high level of quality foods.

I believe that the nutritional value also plays a big part in what Purina has been able to accomplish as well. This company has shifted the pet food game and made consumers consciously aware of the need for nutrition. This is a very big deal for pet food owners because it allows people like myself to make better decisions. I am thrilled to have access to a brand with creators that take time to factor in the nutritional value of the pet food. I have been able to feed this to my dogs and really see their full potential reached.

In the beginning I didn’t know what I was going to feed my pets when I went to the dog pound to pick a couple of dogs. Over time I have inherited kittens, and I wasn’t sure how I would feed these dogs either. It would just be over time that I would make the decisions to stay with one brand for all of my pets. Purina was the obvious choice because it contained a plethora of different types for multiple pets.

There are other brands on the market today, but I just don’t believe that there is anything as good as Purina that is out there. It is going to be pertinent to anyone that is trying to take good care of their animals to buy food that their pets will like. It will also be a good idea to consider a company that has quality control. That is why Purina has been able to stay at the top. There are dry and wet pet foods. There are also snacks. These foods have been made with vegetable blends and meats that have nutritional value. This makes it great for me because I am concerned about the health of pets. Better food quality now equates to fewer veterinarian bills for me later on.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Cosmetics: Make-Up That Makes A Bold Statement

Every once in a while a product line comes around that makes people stop and take notice. These days that product line is Lime Crime cosmetics. Born of the fertile mind of entertainer and entrepreneur Doe Deere, this line of lipstick on, rouge, nail polish, and eye-shadow is definitely different. The colors are bold and bright and the products are easy to use and can stand up to hours of use without smudging or coming off. You can wear them all day and party all night and still look your best. It’s a line of cosmetics for people who want to have fun and look great doing it.

Other unique features of the Lime Crime line are its ingredients and its testing methods. All the ingredients of Lime Crime cosmetics are vegan. No animal products are used. This is certified by Jumping Bunny. Plus PETA certifies that none of the products are tested on animals. So if you are looking for a make-up line that is wonderful to wear and made using socially and environmentally responsible processes, then Lime Crime is the brand for you. The company even posts video of the production process so consumers can see exactly how the products are made.

What has really excited consumers is Lime Crime’s unique color palette. With colors like Rave, Faded, Bleached, Riot, Black Velvet, and Utopia, consumers are sure to find something that catches their eye. With liquid-to-matte velvetiness, Zodiac Glitter, liquid liners in neon colors, and nail polish in colors and designs that are sure to get you noticed, the Lime Crime line is for people who want to make a statement without uttering a word. These products refuse to blend in. Instead they let people live out loud and inspire them to take their creative self-expression to another level.

The Lime Crime line was created by Doe Deere, a Russian born former model, musician, and entertainer. This bold, creative entrepreneur started the brand with a dream and few hundred dollars. The result is a worldwide sensation that has attracted people of all ages and from all stations in life. The line isn’t for the faint of heart. These bright, brash products reflects Doe Deere’s Russian background and New York City upbringing. Doe Deere isn’t afraid to be different. In fact that’s her aim. From packaging with pink unicorns covered in glitter to her avant garde internet marketing strategy, Deere has created a make-up line for modern times.

Deere has fulfilled her dream and encourages others to do the same. People who want to make an unforgettable fashion statement have gravitated to the brand and embraced it. People using the products become living works of art that demand attention. Plus this marketing maven has cleverly used the internet to bring her product to the masses.

Cosmetics For the Generation of Selfies

With the invention of the “selfie” and the advancements in cosmetic surgeries, everyone is striving to look better than they did the day before. I, being one of those people, am always on the look out for the best of the best when it comes to cosmetics. I have tried just about everything. That’s why I wanted to give you guys the low down on what I have found to be the most successful.

When I say I have tried just about everything I mean it. I have tried over the counter makeup and I have also tried the whole sell your soul for a bottle of foundation makeup. What I have found to really work well for me is Lime Crime. I love that they are so edgy and new age. Their prices are killer as well! If you spend fifty dollars or more you get free shipping, you just can’t beat that. Now back to the fun stuff. Their lipstick and lip gloss is so amazing. They have anything from blue to a pale pink, which is perfect for me seeing how I have no specific style.

Then there is the eye shadow. They have powder, glitter, everything! It really is perfect for every age. Lime Crime also has nail polish and an entire look book that shows you all the different ways you can wear their makeup! I just love it. For those of you interested in the background of Lime Crime let me fill you in. The company was started by a lady by the name of Doe Deere. She literally started this company with just a few hundred bucks. Talk about drive and ambition! Doe now reaches out to not only the people in her home state of California but all over the world. It just goes to show you, if you have a dream, it can become a reality.

Another one of my favorite parts about Lime Crime is that they really care about their customers. When you go onto their website they have a customer care button that you can click on and it will answer any questions you might have. I personally utilize it often. Lime Crime is seriously my go to for cosmetics and I can’t wait until my next order arrives!